Saturday, December 29, 2012

100 Pre-rolled Mutations for BotA

I like the way Nathaniel Torson made his random tables in Barbarians of the Aftermath. Given that the core mechanic of the game uses two six-sided dice, all of his tables are based on d6 rolls, either rolling one, two, or three d6 for some variability.

In particular, I like that fact that the mutation tables are effects-based, meaning that the table result gives you an effect, but you have to come up with the specific implementation of that effect. It gives you the freedom to decide for yourself why you have a doubled move rate or how a built in common melee weapon manifests. Of course, freedom always has a price, and that price is usually paid in time and effort.

So I decided that I would roll up a bunch of mutations before-hand so that when I needed them, I wouldn't get stuck with no inspiration on how to interpret an effect. But not just a handful, I wanted to run the whole gamut and try to incorporate at least some of all the categories. The result can be found below, in both .odt and .pdf format:

100 BotA Mutations.odf
100 BotA Mutations.pdf

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