Saturday, December 29, 2012

Posting Once Again

Well, it is once again time for me to revive this old, crappy gaming blog. I am still in love with the OSR movement, though I am much more of a consumer than a producer. I still like simple, old-style rule sets (hoping to play some Barbarians of Lemuria soon), and I am still constantly in search of a regular play group.

I actually had one for a while. At Titan Games in Battle Creek, I played AD&D every Wednesday with a great bunch of players led by an awesome DM named Randy (I wish I'd gotten his last name). They just finished the Keep on the Borderlands when I joined, and we transitioned into the Isle of Dread. My character was a halfling named Leptos who was modeled after a Greek Hoplite. He looked kind of like Marvin the Martian I imagine. He started at 4th level with a +1 spear and later got a hold of some gauntlets of ogre power and a +3 spear. He kicked some serious ass!

Now that we're back in Tucson (hopefully to stay), I'm trying to get something started with Garnett, a guy known on the internets as G-Man. You might recognize his name on a few really nifty free adventures for Barbarians of Lemuria. I'm hoping he'll be running some stuff that I can play in, but I've also offered to run either BoL or maybe some Swords & Wizardry or Labyrinth Lord.

Actually, I've been doing a fair bit of stuff with Barbarians of the Aftermath recently, and maybe we can do some of that. I was supposed to run a BotA game at the Marmalade Dog convention (see my earlier post) but no one signed up. The next year, I ran Holmes Basic D&D and the dungeons beneath the Tower of Zenopus from the rulebook. I think it went really well, but I never heard back from the couple of players that I traded emails with.

So what I plan on doing in upcoming posts is putting out some of the stuff I've been doing for BotA. The Lords of Lemuria forms seem to be broken, it looks like no one can make any new posts, and that gave me the idea to get this blog started back up and post the stuff here.

So that's it...

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