Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rolling up Edges

Being able to pick what you want is generally useful, but what if you're not sure what you want? That's when a random table is more useful!

So I'm in the process of making up a bunch of pre-gens for Savage Dungeons (my version of old school D&D using Savage Worlds) and since edges generally make the character in SW, I found it helpful to make a random table to roll up novice rank edges. Just grab two different colored six-siders (designating one as the "tens") and here we go:

1,1 Ace
1,2 Acrobat
1,3 Alertness
1,4 Ambidextrous (or Two-Fisted, Florentine)
1,5 Arcane Background (or Holy/Unholy Champion*, Gadgeteer, Mentalist, New Power, Power Points, Wizard)
1,6 Arcane Resistance (or Improved Arcane Resistance)
2,1 Attractive (or Very Attractive)
2,2 Beast Master (or Beast Bond)
2,3 Berserk
2,4 Brawny
2,5 Charismatic
2,6 Command (or Natural Leader)
3,1 Common Bond
3,2 Connections
3,3 Danger Sense
3,4 Fast Healer
3,5 First Strike
3,6 Fleet Footed
4,1 Hard to Kill
4,2 Healer
4,3 Investigator
4,4 Jack of All Trades
4,5 Luck (or Great Luck)
4,6 McGuyver
5,1 Nerves of Steel
5,2 Quick
5,3 Quick Draw
5,4 Rich (or Noble, Filthy Rich)
5,5 Scholar
5,6 Steady Hands
6,1 Sweep
6,2 Strong Willed
6,3 Thief
6,4 Trademark Weapon
6,5 Unarmed Warrior**
6,6 Woodsman

* This is the Champion edge from the core book. I don't like the Holy/Unholy Warrior edge (I think it should be one of the powers) but I do like the name so I merged them.

** From the Modern Martial Arts free supplement by Clint Black.

Some edges I've grouped together because they were similar or one required you first had the other to get it.

I just roll up two edges, use their requirements to figure out the rest of the stats, and pick either a different race, or make them human and give them another edge, a boost to one attribute, or two more skill points. Easy-peasy.

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